Best Aerial Yoga Books for 2022

best aerial yoga books

If you’re new to aerial yoga or you just love books, then you’ll be pleased to know there are loads of aerial yoga books available. Nothing can replace having an instructor or an experienced spotter with you, as it’s so important to stay train safe when you’re working with an aerial yoga swing. Books are a great resource to help you improve your technique, but they’re absolutely not a replacement for a teacher. A good aerial […] Read More

Inspirational Aerial Yoga Quotes to Motivate You

Inspirational Aerial Yoga Quotes

Looking for inspirational aerial yoga quotes? These motivational phrases and quotes are designed to inspire you and help to think positively! Sometimes, you just need inspiration or food-for-thought in order to get yourself back into the swing of things, If you’re a yoga class instructor, whether you teach aerial yoga or mat yoga, you can use some of these quotes with your students. If your yoga business has an e-mail newsletter, then include some of […] Read More

Aerial Yoga for Weight Loss – Tips for Losing Weight

Aerial Yoga for Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight with aerial yoga, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s a great way to shed those stubborn pounds! Aerial yoga is a relatively new concept that’s taken the world by storm – both fitness enthusiasts and couch potatoes have taken up this new fitness trend. This article is specifically about aerial yoga for weight loss, with plenty of tips for you to lose weight with aerial yoga. Diet […] Read More

Tips for Choosing an Aerial Yoga class

Choose the best aerial yoga class

Are you looking to start attending a new aerial yoga class? That’s great! Aerial Yoga has many health benefits and it can be practiced by anyone, regardless of your fitness level! When you’re choosing an aerial yoga class, there are certain things you should be looking for before signing up and committing yourself to lessons that aren’t right for you. This article is all about choosing the perfect aerial yoga class that will help you […] Read More

A Beautiful Outdoor Aerial Silks Photoshoot Example

If you’re looking for inspiration for you’re next aerial silks photoshoot, then you’re in the right place! We’ve put together this beautiful collection of images from a photoshoot that’s really beautiful and inspiring. If you’re planning a photoshoot with your aerial silks, let us know by leaving a comment and perhaps your photos can feature in another article, with credit to you, of course! If you don’t have an aerial yoga swing or freestanding aerial […] Read More

4 Aerial Yoga Poses for a Stronger & More Flexible Spine

Aerial Yoga Poses for a Stronger Spine

Aerial yoga, that is, yoga using a suspended swing, hammock or other type of fabric is a popular method of decompressing your spine and generally improving your spinal health. This article contains 4 common aerial yoga poses that will help you get a stronger and more flexible spine. Many of us have formed bad habits over the years that have a negative effect on our spinal flexibility and overall health. This can restrict movement and […] Read More

6 Ways to Clear Your Mind for Improved Well-being

Clear your Mind - Sunset and tree

21st Century life leaves little-to-no time for clearing your head. If you want a clear mind, you have to set aside some time for yourself. This article contains 6 different ideas to help you clear your mind today. With a clear head, you can enjoy these benefits: Mental clarity / clear thoughts / reduced ‘brain fog’ Better / more refreshing sleep Easier to fall asleep and wake up More efficient performance at work Improved motivation […] Read More

Aerial Yoga Gifts | Gifts for Aerialists


Looking for ideas for aerial yoga gifts? If you have a special aerialist in your life, then an aerial-themed gift could be just what they’re hoping for this Christmas! So if you’re searching for ideas for the best gifts for aerialists this year, you’re in the right place because we’ve done all the hard work for you! That’s right, we’ve searched the best aerial yoga stores across the entire web for the hottest gift ideas, […] Read More

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training – Online Courses

Aerial Yoga Teacher Training - Online

Becoming an aerial yoga instructor is a very smart business decision. Aerial yoga is an increasingly popular activity to try and it’s appeal is reaching beyond the regular yoga community. This article is all about the learning opportunities for you to complete aerial yoga teacher training online from the comfort of your own home! Learning to become an aerial yoga teacher at home is a very convenient way to learn at your own pace. It’s […] Read More

11 Essential Aerial Yoga Poses to Learn Today

Aerial Yoga Poses

This article contains some simple, yet beautiful Aerial Yoga Poses that form a set of core poses for an aerial yoga hobbyist. If you’ve recently invested in your own yoga swing and you don’t have access to classes then you’re probably wondering where to begin! We’re here to help! These Aerial Yoga Poses are often called by various different names, the names used in this article are the generic names. If you attend a class, […] Read More