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sun salutations in aerial yoga

Sun Salutations in Aerial Yoga

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Doing sun salutation yoga flow using a yoga hammock every morning can help you awaken your body, improve posture and alignment, and increase flexibility.

With the support of the aerial hammock, you can move more freely as you stretch and strengthen your muscles in various poses. You may find yourself flowing through sun salutations with greater ease compared to doing it on the mat.

A sun salutation aerial yoga flow is an effective way to start your day with a sense of balance and harmony throughout your body. Not only does it provide health benefits like improved circulation, but also helps relax the mind for better focus and clarity.

Give it a try today!

What Is A Sun Salutation?

A sun salutation is a series of yoga poses (called yoga flow) that are typically performed in a specific sequence. The sun salutation is a basic flow that is commonly used as a warm-up at the beginning of yoga practice, but it can also be practiced on its own as a complete yoga workout.

A sun salutation typically involves a series of forward folds, downward-facing dog poses, and lunges. It is believed to be a way to honor the sun and its life-giving energy, as well as a way to warm up the body and mind for a more intense yoga practice. The sun salutation is also thought to help improve flexibility, strength, and balance.

What Are The Benefits Of Sun Salutations in Yoga Flow?

The sun salutation aerial yoga flow provides an accessible full-body workout that will leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

Not only will it help improve your flexibility, but also allow you to explore creative new variations of sun salutation poses as you become more comfortable with the aerial hammock. Get ready to take your sun salutations to a whole new level!

Beginners should start slow and gradually increase their reps as they progress in the sun salutation yoga flow. Make sure to check for safety precautions before you begin, such as the proper setup of the aerial hammock and anchoring techniques that prevent slippage or other injuries.

With a few simple changes in your daily routine, sun salutation yoga can be an effective way to enjoy greater health benefits and more mindful practice each morning.

Sun Salutations in Aerial Yoga

You can perform sun salutations with aerial yoga, just as you can with traditional yoga. All forms of yoga can incorporate sun salutations into your routine.

Take the sun salutation aerial yoga flow challenge today and start your morning with positive vibes! Feel your body come alive as you move through sun salutations in the air.

Here is a simple sun salutation yoga flow using a yoga hammock:

  1. Begin standing with your feet hip-width apart, facing the hammock.
  2. Reach up with both hands and grab onto the hammock.
  3. Inhale as you lift your chest and extend your spine, letting the hammock support your weight.
  4. Exhale as you bend your knees and hinge forward at the hips, allowing the hammock to assist in the forward fold.
  5. Inhale as you lift your head and lengthen your spine, coming into a flat back position.
  6. Exhale as you fold forward again, allowing the hammock to support your weight.
  7. Inhale as you lift your chest and extend your spine, coming back into the upward-facing position.
  8. Exhale as you release the hammock and lower your hands to the ground, coming into a downward-facing dog position.
  9. Inhale as you step your right foot forward, coming into a low lunge position.
  10. Exhale as you step your left foot forward, coming back into the standing position.

You can repeat this flow as many times as you’d like, taking deep breaths and moving with intention. Enjoy!


We hope you enjoyed learning about the many benefits of incorporating aerial yoga sun salutations into your practice. From improved strength and flexibility to the added challenge and support of the aerial hammock, there are so many reasons to give this unique and fun form of yoga a try.

Remember to always listen to your body and modify the flow as needed to suit your individual ability level.

Here are some safety tips for practicing aerial yoga at home.

Happy flying!