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Aerial Yoga Poses

11 Essential Aerial Yoga Poses to Learn Today

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This article contains some simple, yet beautiful Aerial Yoga Poses that form a set of core poses for an aerial yoga hobbyist.

If you’ve recently invested in your own yoga swing and you don’t have access to classes then you’re probably wondering where to begin! We’re here to help!

These Aerial Yoga Poses are often called by various different names, the names used in this article are the generic names. If you attend a class, your instructor may refer to these with more traditional names for yoga poses, or even something completely different.

You may also hear these tricks being referred to as:

  • Yoga trapeze positions
  • Yoga swing poses
  • Aerial yoga inversions
  • Gravity yoga poses
  • Flying yoga poses
  • Yoga hammock poses

So, here’s some inspiration for you in the form of 11 Aerial Yoga Poses to try out today!

1. Anti-Gravity Warrior Pose

Anti gravity warrior pose
The anti gravity warrior poses in aerial yoga takes a lot of balance and coordination. Look straight ahead, hold your arms steady and tense your core muscles for best results. Use the straps to shift the pressure of your body weight and always use a spotter to help you balance at first.

2. Anti-Gravity Pigeon Pose

Anti gravity pigeon pose
A staple pose in mat yoga, the pigeon pose is relatively easy to achieve using your aerial yoga swing for a deep and relaxing stretch. Remember to keep your back straight!

3. Inverted Pigeon Pose

Inverted Pigeon Pose
When you’re up for something more daring,try some inversions with a spotter or instructor present! This inverted pigeon pose gives you a deep stretch of your hips and helps re-align your spine. Perfect for those who spend too much time at their desk!
Inverted Pigeon Pose bonus stretch
For a bonus stretch, try the inverted pigeon pose with your hands in the prayer position behind your back. This gives your chest and shoulders a deep and satisfying stretch. You can hold this for about 30 seconds before releasing your hands.

4. Aerial Splits Pose

Aerial Splits Pose
It doesn’t matter if you can’t do the full splits, use the yoga swing or silks to slowly guide you. Use your hands to control your drop and stretch as far as you feel comfortable. If you’re warm, you can push yourself a little further. Aerial Yoga Swings, Hammocks and Silks are excellent for improving your flexibility, so if you’re working towards doing the splits on the floor, then this is perfect for you!

5. Superman Pose

Superman Pose
This stretches your stomach and lower back and it’s fun to swing in this pose!

6. One-Legged Superman Pose

One Legged Superman Pose
You can stretch your hamstrings individually performing the Superman pose with one leg pointed straight behind you. Keep your toes pointed to look even prettier in these type of poses!

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7. Inverted Bow Pose

Inverted Bow Pose
This is the ultimate back bend! One back bend to rule them all! Pull your ankles down further to increase the stretch.

8. Aerial Stag Pose

Aerial Stag Pose
This is such a beautiful pose with lovely lines. Again – pointed toes make a world of difference, like in this photograph. The ‘stag’ refers to the shape of the legs being like a galloping stag, but upside-down! This version of the Aerial Stag pose has the straight leg hooked in the hammock.
Aerial Stag Pose
Whereas this variation of the Aerial Stag pose has the bend leg hooked in the hammock. You can try bending your free leg and grabbing your foot/ankle with your hand for a nice shape too.

9. Aerial Star Pose

Aerial Stag Pose
This is a relatively straight-forward pose, despite its simplicity, it’s excellent for improving your posture and your spinal health in general. A definite staple for any aerial yoga hobbyist.

10. Inverted Star Pose

Inverted Star Pose
This is the inverted version of the Star Pose, pictured above with the hands on the floor in a handstand-like position. Always. Point. Your. Toes. Lol.

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11. Arrow Pose

Arrow Pose
A straight line – actually quite difficult to achieve! Try to focus your gaze and don’t be tempted to look ‘up’ at your feet – and relax and meditate!

What are your favorite Aerial Yoga Poses? Inspire our readers by leaving a comment below – links to photos are welcome ?

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Simple yet Beautiful Aerial Yoga Poses to try TODAY
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