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Best Yoga Bungee Fitness Kits for Home Use

Best Yoga Bungee Fitness Kits for Home Use

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Yoga bungee fitness kits are a unique way to do yoga, by using the resistance of your body to really focus on your balance, core strength and flexibility. The name “bungee” actually comes from the idea that using elastic bands to strengthen muscles gives you resistance like bungee jumping does. Elastic is used in yoga to improve resistance training by mimicking different kinds of movements you would make without any resistance.

This is the kind of workout that’s so much fun you don’t even realise you’re working out until the next day when you feel those sore muscles! It’s easy to spend 45 minutes ‘bouncing around’ on the yoga bungee but you’re actually having a really intense, full-body workout! This really is the equipment for those people who hate the monotony of working out.

Can you use Yoga Bungee at home?

It’s absolutely possible to practice yoga bungee fitness in your own home, assuming you have enough space to safely practice. You certainly don’t want to be smashing into the wall when you’re in full swing.

You need to have some hardware in place. You will need a suitably strong joist or beam in a large room or outdoor space with appropriate ceiling hooks and hardware designed for aerial sports.

Another thing to factor in is the height of your room or workout space – if your ceiling is lower than 8 feet, you won’t be able to use a yoga bungee at home. 9+ feet of height is ideal, so you can bounce and gain more momentum.

You cannot practice bungee fitness using a freestanding yoga trapeze stand, even with sandbags because the momentum of your movement would tip the frame over.

Best Yoga Bungee Fitness Kits for Home Use – Comparison Table

So, without further delay – here is a summary of the yoga bungee fitness kits available at the moment. Click on the image for more information and scroll left-right on mobiles to see more columns.

Product name
Price includes
Weight Limit
Product Rating
Dasking Heavy Bungee Resistance Band Set Dasking Heavy Bungee Resistance Band Set Gravity Yoga Bungee Cord 1 Bungee Cord, 1 adjustable harness, 1 rotator, 2 Daisy Chains & 3 Carabiners110-200lbs (50-90kg)9.5/10Click to check
Prior fitness Bungee Fitness Set PRIOR FITNESS Bungee Fitness Set Yoga Bungee Cord Rope Resistance 1 Bungee cord, 2 daisy chains, 1 adjustable harness, 1 rotational device. No Carabiners198-220lbs (88kg)9.2/10Click to check
Uplift Active Bungee Fitness Equipment
1 Bungee Cord, 1 Daisy chain, 2 slings, 3 carabiners, 1 adjustable harness & 1 rotational device80-300lbs (50-135kg)9.2/10Click to check

Best Choice – Dasking Heavy Bungee Resistance Band Set

Dasking Heavy Bungee Resistance Band Set Gravity Yoga Bungee Cord
Yoga Bungee Resistance band set

For this set, you need to choose your weight class, as there are 5 different options available. I’ve always chosen the heaviest option to be extremely safe and to allow more friends and family members to try it too.

However, if this is intended to be used by a child (under 12) exclusively, then you can choose a lower weight class.

The harness is adjustable and you put it on like a pair of pants over the top of your workout clothes before adjusting it to your comfort. You then clip on the bungee cord and away you go!

The inclusion of carabiners and a rotational swivel device mean that you’re not limited to one direction, as you can swing and spin to your heart’s desire!

2. PRIOR FITNESS Bungee Yoga Fitness Set

PRIOR FITNESS Bungee Fitness Set Yoga Bungee Cord Rope Resistance
Image from Amazon

Like the previous item in this list, this one is also available in several different weight class options, however, choosing the heaviest option makes it available for more people to try. Unless you’re buying it for a smaller child, then the heaviest weight class is the best option for most adults.

This set does not contain any carabiners, but you may not need them as the daisy chain extenders connect directly to the swivel device. You can always buy carabiners separately too (aerialists usually keep a lot of spare carabiners and swivels!).

Unlike the Dasking bungee harness, this one can be unclipped from the waist band, making it more comfortable but must more time consuming to put on and take off. It feels incredibly safe when you’re wearing the harness and using the kit.

3. Uplift Active Bungee Fitness Equipment

Image from Uplift Active

Purchasing your yoga bungee kit from Uplift Active instead of Amazon means you’re buying directly from a dedicated aerialist supplier. Also, they sell individual bungee cords and harnesses so you don’t have to buy a full new set , or you can purchase extra sizes or multiple cords to enhance your workout experience.

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When you’re talking about your health and improving the appearance of your body, it pays to have the best home fitness equipment to help you along the way. The Yoga Bungee is that kind of tool for physical fitness. It works your back and shoulders, legs and arms as you stretch, giving your entire body resistance as you do your workout exercises. With just a few kits on the market today, it’s time to shop with care.

Working out with your yoga bungee has so many health benefits:

  • Improved coordination
  • Burning calories and weight loss
  • Working out muscles in the arms, legs, core, back and shoulders
  • Stretching to improve flexibility
  • Better and more refreshing sleep
  • Feeling more motivated in other areas of your life

Learn more about the health benefits associated with aerial sports.

Best yoga bungee for home use
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