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Best weighted hula hoop for weight loss

Best Weighted Hula Hoops for Weight Loss

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Trying to lose weight and tone up around the middle? I bet you never thought that a child’s toy could be your secret to success! This article covers the best weighted hula hoops for weight loss available at the moment.

When embarking on a new diet or workout regime, it’s important to remember that ‘toning’ is a myth. You can either burn fat (cardio) or build muscle (weight training).

The weighted hula hoop is one of those rare pieces of affordable equipment that actually does both. It helps you to lose weight – the motion of spinning the hula hoop raises your heart rate and causes you to sweat. Also, due to the fact that it’s weighted, it works your core muscles as you’re hula hooping your way down a dress size.

So, you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time!

The other great thing about weight hula hoops when you’re trying to lose weight is that they’re fun to use, they don’t break the bank and it’s easy to pick up for a quick workout in between you’re other daily tasks.

Crank up the music for an extra fun workout!

? You spin me right round baby, right round, like a record baby ?

Without any further delay, let’s get straight into the list.

Best Weighted Hula Hoop – Overall Winner

Best all-round features + adjustability

GATE FITNESS® Weighted Hula Hoop - Exercise Hula Hoops for
Image from Amazon

GATE FITNESS® Weighted Hula Hoop

8 section hoop for adjustment
Comes in pink & black or red & black
Weighs 3.1lbs
Comes with a training poster
Carry bag included

Our Thoughts on the GATE FITNESS Weighted Hoop

This is the best all-rounder because it has everything you need – a carry case, it’s adjustable, medium weight (3lbs) and it even has a training poster with some dynamic exercises. You can use these exercises to incorporate the hoop into your daily workout routine.

The padding on this hoop makes it comfortable to use (I’ve never had any bruises on my hips from this hoop)

Best Weighted Hula Hoop for Beginners

Lightweight and portable – great for getting started with working out

NEOWEEK 2lb Exercise Hoops for Adults, Adjustable Hoola Weighted Hoop,
Image from Amazon

NEOWEEK Exercise Hoop

Weighs 2lb
Has 8 sections for adjustment
Colour options are blue grey or pink grey
Has high density foam padding
Comes with a soft tape measure

Our Thoughts on the NEOWEEK Exercise Hoop

The NEOWEEK Hula Hoop is perfect for beginners because it’s the lightest weighted hula hoop you can find at just 2lbs.

If your core muscles have some residual weakness after an injury, it’s important that you start slowly and don’t try to swing too much weight around your waist too quickly.

This is perfect for total beginners, if you’re recovering from a minor injury or those of you who have not worked for a long time.

The padding makes it extremely comfortable to use.

More Amazing Aerial Hoops to Consider

If you still haven’t found the perfect aerial hoop to get you flying, try one of these options below. We’ve carefully researched and tested all of these recommendations for your peace of mind.

Dumoyi Smart Weighted Fit Hoop

Dumoyi Smart Weighted Fitness Hoop for Adults Weight Loss, Infinity
Image from Amazon
  • 360-degree shock-absorbing massage ring
  • The hoops rollers are silent running
  • Can be adjusted according to your waistline within 43 inches
  • Weighs 3lbs
  • Retractable rope that you can extend as you improve

The Dumoyi weight hula hoop is a little different to the other options on our list. This has a massaging ring built into it that massages your muscles as you hoop. It’s a pretty novelty feeling but it doesn’t speed up your weight loss efforts, unfortunately.

FIINER Weighted Hula Hoop

FIINER Weighted Hula Hoop for Adults Weight Loss | Waist
Image from Amazon
  • Soft 4mm foam padding 
  • 8 individual adjustable and detachable sections 
  • Weight 2lbs
  • A beginner friendly hoop
  • Waist size up to 37 inches

SEANCHEER Weighted Detachable Exercise Ring

Weighted Detachable Exercise Ring, 2 to 5lb Adjustable, 8 Sections
Image from Amazon
  • 2 to 5 lbs Adjustable
  • 5mm thick premium foam 
  • Non slip
  • Comes in 8 sections 
  • Sand or other small weights can be added to the inside of the tube sections by removing the stopper
  • Stainless steel inner tube
  • Comes with a bag

This weighted hoop can be adjusted to weigh up to 5lbs so it’s great for an extra challenge. This one is a bit pricier, but it’s highly adjustable as you can fill it with sand to give it some extra weight as your fitness levels improve.

Smart Hula Fit Hoop

Infinity Weighted Hula Fit Hoop for Adult Weight Loss, 2
Image from Amazon
  • Will fit waist sizes up to 47 inches
  • Available in Red or Blue
  • Comes with a cooling Towel
  • 360-degree, silent and shock-absorbing massage rollers
  • Soft silicone ball
  • Comes with a lifetime promise

For the high tech fitness lovers! This has all the bells and whistles you’d ever need from a weight hula hoop.

It comes with a cooling towel which does come in handy if you bruise easily. Sometimes weighted hula hoops can leave bruises around the hips so this cooling towel will help reduce any bruises if they occur.

This has a built-in shock absorber that helps prevent bruising

The massage rollers on this Smart Hula Hoop have more of a premium feel to them compared to the budget massaging hula hoops, but they still don’t help speed up the weight loss or muscle building process unfortunately.

How to Prevent Bruises when Using a Weighted Hula Hoop

As you get stronger, you’ll be able to maintain hula hooping with the hoop in a higher position so it won’t fall on your hips as much.

In the meantime, you can wear leggings as they have a bit of cushioning that helps absorb the shock a bit.

Best Weighted Hula Hoops: Conclusion

There aren’t too many fancy features to look out for when buying a weighted hula hoop – simplicity is key!

Why not try an aerial hoop next! Read our guide on the best aerial (lyra) hoops for all levels here.

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