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X Pole SILKII Review

X Pole SILKII Review – Pole Silks & Aerial Yoga

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Are you considering buying yourself an X Pole Silkii? This is a real first – a small, but mighty heavy-duty clamp which affixes to a pole dancing pole, allowing you to attach aerial silks to it. That means you can combine pole dancing for fitness with aerial silks and yoga.

Aerial yoga enthusiasts can now incorporate their sport with pole fitness, whereas pole dancers can get started with aerial! Pole dancing is not strictly an aerial sport, although the two are frequently lumped together.

A dancing pole is not an aerial apparatus, it is not suspended from the ceiling, pole dancers are not ‘flying’ like aerial yoga, silks, ropes or trapeze. If you’re hanging from the ceiling, it’s aerial, if your equipment is ‘grounded’, then it’s not. Although, pole dancers and aerialists do share some common techniques and goals.

With this new X Pole SILKII, it actually turns a regular dance pole into a piece of aerial equipment!

In this review, you will learn:

  • What the X Pole SILKII is and what it is used for
  • The existing setup you need to use the SILKII
  • The benefits of Pole Silks

About the X Pole SILKII

If you’re new to aerial (or pole fitness) then you’ll probably already heard of X Pole, the brand. They are the industry leader in manufacturing pole dancing equipment and they have now branched out into aerial equipment. This is a perfect example of how popular demand has shaped the aerial industry by incorporating these two popular types of sport.

The SILKII is another perfect example of how demand has shaped the current aerial industry. Pole silks are a very new concept, and this ‘SILKII’ by the company X Pole is a very new product to the market. It’s already proving to be very popular, selling out completely several times during 2018.

Image from X Pole USA

Existing Hardware Requirements

The X Pole SILKII is perfect for home and professional use by pole dancers and aerialists of all levels who want to try something different, new and exciting.

You do need to have some existing equipment and hardware for the SILKII to work:

  • You must own either a 40mm or 45mm X Pole Stage or X Pole Xpert – if you have an X Pole Sport, or a 50mm X Pole then the SILKII cannot be attached to your pole.
  • If you want to use the SILKII with the X Pole XPERT, the pole needs a permanent ceiling mount to fix the pole in place. The XPERT pole is usually removable, but if you want to use a SILKII then you will need to purchase a separate pole mount. It is not advised to use the SILKII with no permanent fixtures, due to added sideways pressure on the pole itself.
  • You need your own set of aerial silks, they are not provided with the SILKII, it is just the metal clamping device.
  • Once you have everything in place, it’s very easy to mount your pole into place with a few tools that you can buy directly from X Pole.

Features of the SILKII

  • Allows you to attach aerial silks to your pole dancing pole
  • A heavy duty clamp that attaches to an X Pole Dance Pole
  • Easy to install and remove, the SILKII attachment can easily be attached and remove from your pole for when you want it to be ‘just a pole’ again
  • Allows you to perform new tricks that combine both pole fitness and aerial silks or aerial yoga poses
  • All tools that you need are included
  • Portable and easy to transport

How to Install and use

Once you receive your SILKII, you should follow the instructions provided by X Pole to install the attachment in a dafe way. It should take about 5 minutes, that’s if your pole dancing pole is already installed and ready to go!


Let’s take a look at the SILKII’s advantages first:

Innovative and Fun to use

This is actually the best thing about the SILKII. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever tried… well it’s a bit like pole fitness, and a bit like aerial silks…

It feels seriously unique and different, this really is a great contraption from X Pole!

Affordable and High Quality

The SILKII is very affordable as it’s on sale for about $99, which is very affordable if you already own the relevant dance pole and some aerial silks. The contraption itself is very heavy duty and attaches to the pole with a simple secure mechanism.

Excellent Customer Service

X Pole have a reputation for providing excellent customer service and after-sales support to their customers.


All products have disadvantages! So, in the sake of fairness, we should highlight a few negatives of every product we review. Nothing is perfect. Here are the disadvantages, which you should take into consideration:

You Need Existing Hardware

You either need existing hardware for this product (dance pole, silks, permanent mount, etc) or you need to spend extra money to get the pole, etc. This is only something to buy if you’re already into pole fitness and have a dancing pole, otherwise, it’s a lot to spend on something that you’ve barely used before!

Only works with Certain Products

This will only work with a 40mm, 45mm X Pole Stage, or XPERT with a permanent ceiling mount. If you have any other dance pole, then you’re very limited as the SILKII will be incompatible with your equipment.

X Pole SILKII Pole Silks
Image from X Pole USA


Should you buy the new X Pole SILKII Pole Silks device?

If you’re trying to take your pole fitness or aerial silk routines to the next level, then the X Pole SILKII is absolutely perfect for you. However, if you’re new to either sport and don’t already have the required hardware, then at $99, it is a big investment!

X Pole Pole Silks Review SILKII
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Ease of Use





  • Innovative and new piece of kit which cleverly combines pole fitness and aerial silks
  • Heavy duty, extremely strong and durable
  • Very easy to install to existing dance pole equipment


  • Requires certain types of dance pole in order to be compatible
  • Silks are not included, it's just the connector device