5 Different, Interesting and Unique Aerial Sports

Aerial sports are more popular now than ever before! There are so many unique health benefits to engaging in full-body workouts on a regular basis, aerial fitness regimes give you just that! This article contains 5 unique and interesting forms of aerial sport for you to try today! 1. Lyra Hoop Lyra Hoop is a form of aerial sport where the apparatus is a round hoop (like a metal hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling […] Read More

How to Prevent Friction Burns During Aerial Yoga

When you perform aerial yoga or any form of aerial sports, there is a lot of friction caused between your skin and the equipment. Unfortunately, that leads to bruises, frictions burns and other annoyances that we aerialists have to deal with. However, there are several things you can do to treat and prevent friction burns during aerial yoga. Many aerialists will know by now that friction burns and bruises come with the territory of the […] Read More

X Pole A-Frame Review: The Best Freestanding Aerial Rig?

X Pole A Frame Review

Are you considering buying the X Pole A-Frame? It is supposedly the gold standard, the best freestanding aerial rig available at the moment. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out. X Pole is a well-known company who originally made pole dancing poles for pole dance fitness. They’ve now expanded their product range to include an innovative ‘A’ Frame, which is suitable for aerial yoga, aerial hoop (Lyra hoop) and low aerial […] Read More

X Pole SILKII Review – Pole Silks & Aerial Yoga

X Pole SILKII Review

Are you considering buying yourself an X Pole Silkii? This is a real first – a small, but mighty heavy-duty clamp which affixes to a pole dancing pole, allowing you to attach aerial silks to it. That means you can combine pole dancing for fitness with aerial silks and yoga. Aerial yoga enthusiasts can now incorporate their sport with pole fitness, whereas pole dancers can get started with aerial! Pole dancing is not strictly an […] Read More