Best Aerial Yoga Stands for Yoga Swings & Trapeze

Best Yoga Trapeze Stands

Finding the best Yoga Trapeze or Aerial Yoga Stand is a big decision. You’ll be relying on this freestanding aerial rig to fully support your weight while you fly around practising aerial yoga, or any other aerial discipline. This article compares the best multi-discipline freestanding aerial rigs that are for sale at the moment. There’s a lot to think about before buying a Yoga Trapeze stand, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough […] Read More

The Original Omni Yoga Stand – Official Review

Omni Yoga Stand Review

Are you considering buying the Omni Yoga Stand so that you have a portable solution for practising aerial yoga at home? The original Omni Yoga Stand has a unique design when compared to other freestanding aerial rigs or yoga hammock stands. Omni Gym is a family business and they’re very well-known in the aerial yoga industry. The company started out in the 1990s, before aerial yoga was popular. Since then, they’ve expanded their range to […] Read More

X Pole A-Frame Review: The Best Freestanding Aerial Rig?

X Pole A Frame Review

Are you considering buying the X Pole A-Frame? It is supposedly the gold standard, the best freestanding aerial rig available at the moment. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out. X Pole is a well-known company who originally made pole dancing poles for pole dance fitness. They’ve now expanded their product range to include an innovative ‘A’ Frame, which is suitable for aerial yoga, aerial hoop (Lyra hoop) and low aerial […] Read More

KT Yoga Trapeze Stand Review – Freestanding Aerial Rig

KT Yoga Stand Review

Are you considering buying the KT Yoga Trapeze Stand? It is a very popular freestanding frame suitable for use with aerial yoga swings, hammocks and other aerial equipment. It’s currently sold on Amazon and is one of their most popular yoga swing frames for sale at the moment. But, does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out… The KT Yoga Trapeze Stand is one of the first items that appears if you search […] Read More

Best Extension Straps for Aerial Yoga Swings

Best aerial extension straps

Once you have your aerial yoga swing, trapeze or hammock, you’ll start to venture into learning new poses and tricks. You will eventually reach a point where more height is required. This means you’ll have to get some extension straps for your swing. When ever you buy new aerial equipment, it’s important to do your research! You’ll be relying on this hardware and rigging to fully support your weight while you fly around on your […] Read More

X Pole SILKII Review – Pole Silks & Aerial Yoga

X Pole SILKII Review

Are you considering buying yourself an X Pole Silkii? This is a real first – a small, but mighty heavy-duty clamp which affixes to a pole dancing pole, allowing you to attach aerial silks to it. That means you can combine pole dancing for fitness with aerial silks and yoga. Aerial yoga enthusiasts can now incorporate their sport with pole fitness, whereas pole dancers can get started with aerial! Pole dancing is not strictly an […] Read More