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5 Different, Interesting and Unique Aerial Sports

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Aerial sports are more popular now than ever before! There are so many unique health benefits to engaging in full-body workouts on a regular basis, aerial fitness regimes give you just that!

This article contains 5 unique and interesting forms of aerial sport for you to try today!

1. Lyra Hoop

Lyra Hoop is a form of aerial sport where the apparatus is a round hoop (like a metal hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling with either a single or double point-of-contact.

A single-point connection with your Lyra hoop allows you to spin using the hoop, whereas a double-point connection allows you to perform static, graceful poses.

Whether you choose to practice on a single or double-point connected aerial hoop will depend on how you want to use it, the effect you are after, and what you feel comfortable with. As you will see in the image below, you need a different type of hoop, so your choice is important!

X Pole aerial hoops
Image from X Pole

This table below will also help you decide which type of aerial hoop is right for you:

Single-Point HoopsDouble-Point Hoops
Rotates freely and quickly, you will gain rotational momentum easilyLess overall movement, but allows you to perform moves on the top bar of the hoop too
Can be used in smaller spaces with lower ceilingsTakes up slightly more vertical space, so ceiling height is important
Designed to be used for performing spinning/rotating tricksDesigned to used for static poses and tricks where the performer balances, tilts and ‘swings’ from the hoop

All Lyra Hoops require a freestanding aerial frame/rig or rigs fixed to your ceiling joist.

2. Silks on a Dancing Pole “Pole Silks”

X Pole Silkii
Image from X Pole

Pole Silks are a very new concept, combining the two popular activities of aerial sports and pole fitness. Pole fitness itself is not a true aerial discipline, as the pole is held in place between the floor and ceiling, it’s not suspended. But, with this new contraption, you can turn a dance pole into an aerial rig by attaching a SILKII and some regular aerial silks.

The SILKII Pole Silks are a new product by the dance pole manufacturer X Pole.

Note: You can only use a SILKII with an X Pole brand ‘X-STAGE’ or ‘XPERT Pole’ with a permanent ceiling mount. You also need your own set of silks. The SILKII is just the device which connects the two. 

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3. Aerial Bungee Cords

Aerial Bungee Fitness Equipment
Image from Aerial Yoga Gear

Aerial Bungee Cords allow for an extremely innovative workout. The stretch in the bungee cord, which is suspended from the ceiling provides the perfect amount of resistance because it’s controlled by your body weight. This level of resistance provides a fun fitness experience giving you high cardio and muscle building at the same time.

4. Static Trapeze

When you hear the word ‘trapeze’, you probably immediately think of ‘flying trapeze’, that is the trapeze that swings around.

With static trapeze, the apparatus is static, allowing you to perform delicate, slow movements with ultimate precision and grace.

A Trapeze consists of a horizontal steel bar which is suspended from the ceiling with the help of two ropes. It is one of the most physically demanding forms of aerial exercise.

5. Flying Pole

Earlier, we talked about Pole Silks, and how tradition pole dancing poles are not true aerial apparatus. Well, we present to you, the FLYING POLE!

Now a pole dancing pole can be a true aerial apparatus!

This is a truly unique sport which perfectly combines aerial art and pole fitness, creating a new form of aerial sport.

Flying polers are able to incorporate an impressive array of incredible flips, tricks and death-defying jumps with slides, climbs and dance, all while suspended on a free-hanging vertical pole! Flying pole is a dangerous, but an exhilarating spectacle to try if you have the opportunity. It brings new vitality and innovation into vertical fitness and aerial sports.

This flying pole is suitable for home and professional use. It is a fully portable, multi-piece extendable pole which can be connected to your existing aerial rigging.

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X Pole X Fly 45mm Chrome. Image from X Pole

So, those are 5 unique and innovative new forms of aerial sports. What’s your favorite aerial art?

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Unique Aerial Sports that you need to try!

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