5 Different, Interesting and Unique Aerial Sports

Aerial sports are more popular now than ever before! There are so many unique health benefits to engaging in full-body workouts on a regular basis, aerial fitness regimes give you just that! This article contains 5 unique and interesting forms of aerial sport for you to try today! 1. Lyra Hoop Lyra Hoop is a form of aerial sport where the apparatus is a round hoop (like a metal hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling […] Read More

Best Aerial Yoga Stands for Yoga Swings & Trapeze

Best Yoga Trapeze Stands

Finding the best Yoga Trapeze or Aerial Yoga Stand is a big decision. You’ll be relying on this freestanding aerial rig to fully support your weight while you fly around practising aerial yoga, or any other aerial discipline. This article compares the best multi-discipline freestanding aerial rigs that are for sale at the moment. There’s a lot to think about before buying a Yoga Trapeze stand, you’ll need to make sure that you have enough […] Read More