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Tape for aerial hoop

Best Tape for Aerial Hoop

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Have you just set up your brand new Lyra Hoop in great excitement only to find that you weren’t able to grip it for more than 3 seconds without sliding? You’re not alone. Athletic tape for aerial hoop exists to solve this problem.

This blog post contains information on where to buy tape for your aerial hoop.

Using strong sports tape on your hoop has many benefits such as:

The tape protects the hoop from scratches, dents and damage
You get a stronger, more stable grip when the hoop is wrapped with athletic tape
The thickness of the hoop itself is increased with tape, allowing you to customize the way it feels to hold
It looks pretty and it’s a fun way to personalize your Lyra hoop for performances and photoshoots

Best Choice for Aerial Hoop Tape on Amazon

Great value multipack of tape for your Lyra Hoop

Meister 15Yd x 1.5" Premium Athletic Trainer's Tape for Sports
Image from Amazon

Meister Premium Tape

Comes in 7 colors Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Turquoise, White and Yellow
Each roll is 15 yards x 1.5 inches
The pack contains 6 rolls
100% pure medical-grade cotton backcloth

Uplift Active Aerial Hoop Tape

High quality tape in a variety of colors

Aerial Hoop Tape

6 colors available: white, blue, pink, black, red and yellow
Each roll is 27 yards x 1 inch
Uplift Active recommend 2 rolls per hoop for thicker and better grip
100% cotton backcloth, high tensile strength tape

Use the code POLEFIT10 for 10% off your order at Uplift Active

Prodigy Snake Tape

Best all-round features + adjustability

Prodigy Snake Tape

Each roll is 15 yards x 1.5 inches
There’s a choice of 6 colors: black, blue, purple, green, white and red
Super soft latex-free 100% cotton
You may need two rolls to cover your hoop
High quality tape made for hoops and other equipment

Firetoys Aerial Adhesive Tape Small

Best all-round features + adjustability

Aerial Adhesive Tape 2.5cm

50metre/55yards long
2.5cm/1 inch width is the smallest on this list
The tape has a finer weave than other tapes, you may need an additional grip aid product like Mighty Grip
Soft and silky on your hands
Comes in black, blue, green, red, white and yellow

Firetoys Aerial Adhesive Tape Wide

Best all-round features + adjustability

Aerial Adhesive tape

Soft cotton feel
Comes in black, blue, red or white
Rubber adhesive
One roll is long enough to cover 3 hoops
Each roll is 50metres/55yards x 5cm/2 inches

Best Tape for Aerial Hoop: Conclusion

You can’t really go wrong when buying tape for your Lyra hoop. The most important thing is that you use specific sports/athletic tape and not household masking tape.

Remember that adding tape will make your hoop slightly thicker to grip.

Happy flying!