8 Reasons to Try Aerial Yoga This Year

8 Reasons to try aerial yoga this year

New year, new you! It’s that time again when everyone makes new years resolutions only to break them in about 11 days’ time. This year, make aerial yoga one of your new years resolutions that you actually stick to. The festive season is over and its now time for you recover from overindulging. New year is a difficult time, suddenly the warmth of Christmas is over and the cold, harsh reality of winter sets in. […] Read More

How to Improve Your Spinal Health Immediately

How to improve spinal health

Did you know that you probably have loads of bad habits in your day-to-day activities that really have an affect on your spinal health? You probably have aches and pains too, well we’re here to help. This article is all about how you can improve your spinal health with immediate results. Every day, your daily activities put a lot of pressure on your spine, the vertebrae become compacted and misaligned, which causes aches, pains, headaches, […] Read More